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Leicester band SuperEvolver has rocketed over the past year. We look at the band and its rise to success.

Who is in the band?

James Mabbett of superevolver
Photo © Artsin

James Mabbett, Vocals and Guitar, a.k.a. Mab

tom bradshow bassist

Tom (Braddy) Bradshaw - Bass

jj kenna drummer of band superevolver

JJ Kenna - Drums and vocals.


SuperEvolver's star has risen and 2010 has seen them as a band in massive demand. SuperEvolver were awarded 'Best Rock Song' by Exposure Music Awards for the track 'Cartoon Killers' in 2009 and Best Rock, and their luck has been in ever since. The eerie acoustic track 'The Wizard' was chosen to feature in MySpace's teenage drama 'Freak'. This has culminated in requests to play events from major club names such as 'Greasy Lips' (Alan McGee) and a much-acclaimed set on the main stage at the Strawberry Fields Festival in 2010, where they will be playing again in 2001.

SuperEvolver have been getting more than their fair share of headlines and press attentions with mentions in the NME, The Sun, Leicester Mercury and Hot Magazine, with more destined to come. Their fanbase is spreading worldwide and people attend from overseas to catch them live whilst they are still playing intimate gigs. The Evolution start here.

superevolver band
Photo © Harjinder Ohbi


Artsin saw the band play at Strawberry Fields in 2010. We wrote:

'The energy from the main stage didn't diminish when SuperEvolver got going and Mab's rock star performance began to wow the crowd. This highly popular band has won a growing level of recognition from all quarters. The festival-sized sound and set of fizzing songs clearly animated the expanding crowd.

The pit in front of the stage filled with photographers, snapping away with huge telephoto lenses, as Mab's distinctive vocals rang out across the field, backed by blistering solos from him and Jimmi, excitingly backed with Marc's keys and vocals.

With compelling raw-edged songs and rock star quality singing, it's easy to see why everyone from Kasabian through to most of the local rockerati are raving about this band.'

Our review on 11th December 2010 said 'SuperEvolver have swept to the top this year with a series of appearances that have established their position as a seriously good band. These three guys always put on a superb performance and tonight was no exception. Their strong rock songs are incrusted with scintillating guitar flourishes and solos and lead vocalist Mab pours out the lyrics with an iconic style. A great set of songs.'

superevolver playing at the sound house
Photo © Harjinder Ohbi


Artsin: I am here with the three members of SuperEvolver. Guys, how's thing looking with the band?

Braddy: Things are really starting to take shape now. We had a great 2010 with the release of our debut single Viva and had a lot of label interest off the back of that but sadly we parted company with our drummer at the end of last year which puts things on hold for a while. However, we were lucky enough to get Mr John Junior Kenna on board a few months ago and now we've tweaked our sound and started to play more as a band. Now and after playing three low key local gigs over the last month or so, we are ready to hit the festivals this summer.

Artsin: What have you got coming up over the summer?

Braddy: We've got a few more warm up gigs here and there but the ones we are looking forward to the most are the festivals. We've got Glastonblaby on 9th July, Sounds of Summer Festival on 23rd July, Strawberry Fields on 28th August and Norfolk Spectacular on 4th September.

Artsin: You've brought out some pretty impressive tracks recently. How has the reaction been?

Braddy: The reaction has been great from everyone, even though we hadn't played live for something like four months and we pretty much came back with a whole new set and sound. It feels like we've never been away and these tracks now feel better than anything we've ever done as a band.

Artsin: It looks like your fame has spread beyond the shores of the UK. How has that happened?

Braddy: Yeah that's all a little crazy isn't it? All I can say is the Internet is a wonderful thing! Plus it also helps having a lot of people saying some very nice things about us too.

Artsin: What bigger bands have you supported? Or what slots have you got coming up that you want to tell people about?

Braddy: We had the pleasure of doing a few after show parties for the likes of the  Charlatans Ian Brown  and  Primal Scream  last year and who knows what will get offered to us this year. I'm also a huge fan of  Zak Starkey 's new band  Pengu!ns  and there has been some talk of some possible shows later in the year which would be amazing.

Artsin: Who works behind the scenes for you, or do you do most your bookings and publicity yourselves?

Braddy: We've had several people try and come in and do things for us but there are a lot of crooks out there so watch out kids! We have a few people who have a certain interest in us and help us out but we certainly feel more comfortable when we are in complete control of our own destiny.

Artsin: A lot of young and rising local bands look up to you guys. What would you say to them about how to make in the music business?

Braddy: Enjoy it and just keep doing what you want to do and if it happens it happens.

Artsin: And the question we always ask in these interviews: What do you think of Kasabian?

Braddy: Who? ha ha! I always find that such a difficult question to answer as I grew up with them. However, one thing I can say is that Tom came over to my house the other night for a few beers and to watch the football and he had an unmastered copy of their new album with him and it's fucking huge ... it's going to blow you away!

superevolver band playing at the sound house
Photo © Harjinder Ohbi

You can see SuperEvolver on 9th July when they are on stage at the GlastonBlaby Festival and later the same day at The Firebug.

SuperEvolver on Facebook

SuperEvolver on Myspace

SuperEvolver on Reverb Nation

See some of SuperEvolver's tracks are on our Tracks page.

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